Revolutionary physics book inspires interactive website

Minneapolis, MN – May 7, 2008 – Terence Witt is poised to change the face of modern physics. Scholars are cynical, scientists are shocked, and readers are addicted. Witt’s first book, Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics, challenges current cosmological paradigms such as the Big Bang. In doing so, the book directly answers questions such as why the universe exists and what it is comprised of at its smallest levels.

In June, Witt brings his revolution to the web. Witt is excited for the release of . “As 100 percent of the proceeds from my book sales go toward funding research programs, I want to be able to bring this spirit of discovery to the Internet,” said Witt. “I want people to think and most importantly, I want them to be explorative.”

The new website will include a presentation of his theoretical breakthrough, Null Physics, in a clear and cogent format targeted at physics and non-physics types alike. The website will also include both blog and forum sites for visitors to get the latest information on scientific discoveries, discuss scientific-related topics, and submit amateur astronomy photos as part of a monthly contest.

A change is coming to the physics community. Witt’s theory is the catalyst of that change. “The physics community is resistant to change so the source of a revolution must come from outside of the physics world.” said Witt.

About Terence Witt
Terence Witt is the founder and former CEO of Witt Biomedical Corporation, which is the gold standard for cardiac hemodynamic software. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University and lives in Florida. Our Undiscovered Universe is Witt’s first book.

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