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From international academic societies to physics students, Our Undiscovered Universe: Null Physics is becoming the push that creative minds need to look past the conventional physics answers. Here are a few direct quotes:

I love this sort of book as it forces scientists to re-examine their most cherished assumptions. As a physician-consciousness researcher, I have used the quantum non-local reality physical reality model as the best fit to understand our current scientific concepts of consciousness. ...Witt’s book forces all of us to re-examine everything that we believe to be real.

MELVIN L MORSE MD FAAP , www.spiritualscientific.com

“This book is causing the whole astrophysics community to argue and discuss its merits. Anyone interested in discovering what they can about our universe will be surprised at Witt’s ability to set out his format in a beautiful display of his reasoning.”

Donald Clement, Charter Member of the Pontchartrain Astronomy Society

A bold and controversial new book of physics theory by biomedical engineer and businessman Witt. Our Undiscovered Universe opens with a quote from Galileo: “In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” In this case, the “authority” is the consensus of the modern scientific community and the “single individual” is

Witt, who has worked for years to develop “a complete answer to the riddle of our existence.” His theory is called “Null Physics,” and Witt labors to lay its foundations bare, collecting—across some 400-plus handsomely designed pages—a panoply of complex proofs, tables, exhaustive indices and a handful of gorgeous reproductions of Hubble images, courtesy of NASA. The author’s primary dispute is with the “irredeemably wrong” theory of the Big Bang, held by most scientists to be a relatively sound account of how our universe was born. He also advances an “entirely new scientific paradigm,” the centerpiece of Null Physics. “The Null Axiom” can be described simply: “Existence sums to non-existence, so nonexistence is composed of existence.” The book makes much of the axiom, which becomes the core of a “unified cosmology.” Hence the “Null”—for Witt, the universe can “only make sense by viewing it as the inevitable and omnipresent substructure of nothingness.” (Correspondingly, the Big Bang must be incorrect, since “nothingness does not transform itself into reality.”) The problem is that while the author snipes frequently at “arrogant” professional physicists, the author rarely engages their work. There is, for instance, only a rudimentary discussion of quantum mechanics. Eventually, Witt retreats to his own theorems, which he has declined to submit to academic journals for vetting. Still, Our Undiscovered Universe is a brave book, if not exactly an airtight one. The author challenges the status quo—not such an easy thing to do—and his work here is accessible to both the professional and the layman.

A well-written, provocative re-imagining of the world as it was, is and will be.

Kirkus Discoveries

In my opinion, Terence Witt is the Copernicus of our time, and his theory is even more groundbreaking and revolutionary. I believe that we will be seeing a new scientific revolution because of his work.

Wayne Sander, Business Systems Analyst

[Others should read Our Undiscovered Universe] to challenge their minds and reopen the doors to the ‘what if’ kind of wonder.

Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps

Whether Witt is right or wrong has nothing to do with the extent to which the collective physics and cosmology community's collective noses have been bent out of shape. Only time, not vitriol will tell. Read this book.

Stephen’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

I have been searching for years for the feasible explanations to the most intriguing questions of our existence and I think I have found it in Mr. Witt’s book. This book should be inspirational to all open-minded individuals who think out of the box.

Marek S. Mintus, Aerospace Engineer

Null Physics makes the universe easier to understand at all levels, and that, in and of itself will open the door to more people and more ideas.

Ron DePrez, IT Administrator

It this book can shake one person out of their rut of conventional wisdom and excite them to think for themselves, then it will be a success.

Sonofbr Campana, IT Application Administrator, Data Analyst

I think it’s extremely interesting and might be a very big step in the right direction. It’s brilliant thinking. Null physics looks at things from a technical but strongly intuitive perspective.

Steve Feher, Inventor

[Null physics] is full of facts, and it stimulates interest in further reading on the subject. It makes you think and learn.

James B. Perry, Retired Neurologist

I admire the author’s creativity, originality, depth of effort, and the relentless logical development of the theory. It’s past time somebody had the courage to attempt to address the how and why of physics instead of ignoring it and only addressing the what.

Barry Kumnick, Software Project Manager and Chief Scientist

The way things were put in Our Undiscovered Universe are very convincing and has shaken my views and faith in Big Bang Cosmology. The whole idea of everything coming from nothing is wonderful and highly thought provoking.

Ivo van der Werff, Professor of Music

Anyone who hasn’t read Our Undiscovered Universe is missing out on the adventure of a lifetime, riding the wave of cutting edge physical theory.

David George, Artist

The book gives great understanding on basic subnuclear and cosmic matter interactions.

Tom Wagner, Retired Government IT Specialist

If a person has an open mind and the ability, or even the desire, to think "outside the box," this book will cause them to strain their credulity to the extent that new advances in science may be formulated.

Arthur James Bauer, Retired Chemist

This book is a good contribution and makes one think a little differently about one's ideas of the universe.

Henry C. Hewlett, Retired Banker

This is the only theory that seems to satisfy both Gravitation and Relativity. This theory is explained in a very thorough and successive manner which allows me to follow it without too much difficulty.

Jan Sullivan, RN

This is a new concept that requires thinking outside of conventional teachings. It is a new approach in solving some of the old paradoxes.

Maurice Bolduc, Professional Engineer

It is an extremely good theory and it really gets the cogs turning in your head. Witt does a fine job of describing the universe using nothing at all.

Paul Blasi, Physics Student

The basic concept of null physics may prove to be the answer for how the universe started. It will open the doors to many technological advances, will demonstrate that despite all of mankind's faults we are ultimately capable of anything, and may open our minds to the meaning of our existence.

Pete Fox, Corporate audit manager