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Null Axiom Universe Theory

Null Physics 101 | Basic Principles

Fundamental questions have eluded scientists around the world for centuries:

  • Why does the universe exist?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What is it made of at the smallest level?

Finally a unified theory has arrived that can answer these kinds of questions and many more.

It’s called Null Physics, and it’s all about the underlying geometry. There is more to existence than mere appearance. Everything that we experience is ultimately composed of a framework that is not visible to us.

  • The chair that supports you as you work on your computer – it certainly seems solid.
  • The water in the container you drink from – it’s wet, it’s cold, it’s real.

But what are these things composed of at the most fundamental level? If you dig down as deep as you can possibly dig, what are you going to find? Geometry.

Matter and energy are intricate distributions of curved space, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy. The universe contains two and only two things – space and curved space.

Curved space is composed of space, but what is space composed of? Nothing. Space is a vast array of geometric points, and geometric points have no intrinsic properties. No charge, mass, energy, or volume. A point is the personification of nothing. The only attribute it has is its relationship to other points. An isolated point is…nothing. And if the universe is composed of nothing, it sums to nothing.

That’s what our universe actually is, the only thing it could possibly be: the internal structure of nothingness.

The Null Axiom


The evidence of the Null Axiom is everywhere:

  • Matter and antimatter are always created in equal, yet opposite amounts
    whose electrical sum is zero.
  • Positive and negative electric fields sum to a neutral universe with
    zero net electrical charge.
  • Energy is conserved in all interactions; the magnitude of the universe’s
    energy has zero change.
  • Space is a collection of points, little bits of nothingness itself, which embodies
    a geometric zero - Null.
  • Charge must be conserved in particle interactions; the sum of the difference
    between charges is zero.
  • Momentum is conserved, so the universe’s net momentum remains constant at zero.

Null Physics brings us to a greater understanding of space, dimension, energy and matter, because it places them all, in infinite resolution, into their true geometric context. Null physics eliminates the temptation to use fuzzy logic to try to understand regions of the universe too small or large to see.

Ask yourself – If you could truly understand our universe by examining a rational, mathematical and testable theory – Wouldn’t you want to?

Our knowledge of Physics & Cosmology will never be the same as before...some distinguishing ideas in Null Physics...

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Null Axiom Universe Theory