Terence Witt continues to garner high praise from readers of Our Undiscovered Universe and its criticism of current cosmological paradigms.

The launch of OurUndiscoveredUniverse.com has brought novices and career scientists together to discuss Null Physics cosmology. Cosmic paradigms that exist in the popular Big Bang theory are driving the need for discovery across the globe. Visitors to OurUndiscoveredUniverse.com , the My Discovered Universe (MDU) forum, and Terence Witt’s blog are finding further evidence to challenge popular opinion with testable results in a scientific setting.

Witt is not alone in statements that the Big Bang and other theories need to be reevaluated. The My Discovered Universe (MDU) forum has been buzzing with questions and discussions about Null Physics and other findings that may contradict, complement, or collide head-on with current cosmologies.

The push for answers is not just within the growing Null Physics community, but is also in conjunction with major cosmic findings that have shaken scientist beliefs. In 2007, a giant cold spot was discovered – a hole in the universe – which conflicts with established theories such as the Big Bang. According to the July/August 2008 issue of Science Illustrated, Lawrence Rudnick, an astronomer at the University of Minnesota and head of the astronomy team responsible for discovering the cold spot, believed that the finding would drive scientists’ to reevaluate the development of the structure of the universe.

As the Big Bang theory continues to deteriorate with scientists globally, author Terence Witt continues to call for answers. “If you tell me something that isn’t entirely evident or seems a little odd, I will be asking questions,” said Witt in his blog entitled “Skepticism .” “If you tell me the universe came from a primordial fireball 13.7 billion years ago, I’m going to keep asking questions until this story makes sense.”

In the book, Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics, Witt introduces Null Cosmology which is diametrically opposed to the Big Bang theory. Quickly gathering interest and supporters, Null Physics is changing beliefs if not opening the door for further discovery analysis.

“The way things were put [in Our Undiscovered Universe,] is very convincing,” said Professor Ivo van der Werff, “[it] has shaken my views and faith in Big Bang cosmology.”

OurUndiscoveredUniverse.com launched on July 1. Its forum, My Discovered Universe (MDU), is quickly becoming a popular place to discuss new cosmological ideas. With the website only eight days old, the MDU forum already boasts 41 members, almost 100 topics, and more than 520 posts.

Reevaluate your cosmology at www.OurUndiscoveredUniverse.com .

About Terence Witt
Terence Witt is the founder and former CEO of Witt Biomedical Corporation. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University and lives in Florida. Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics is his first book. To read more about Terence Witt and his latest breakthroughs go to OurUndiscoveredUniverse.com .

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