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Benjamin Franklin was a politician who discovered electricity. Bill Gates was a college student who pioneered the personal computer. Michael Faraday was a bookbinder who rewrote electromagnetism.

Now a leading engineer is changing the world with his revolutionary theory.

Terence Witt, ScientistBiography of Terence Witt
Since adolescence, Terence Witt has repeatedly questioned accepted physics paradigms. Unsatisfied with theoretical limitations and the inability to move beyond merely describing data and findings, Witt challenged himself to exhaustively seek out and find the answer to the elusive question "Why?" For more than 30 years, Witt researched, developed and tested his theory about the nature of the universe, and its contents. Today that theory is known as Null Physics. And now with his first book, Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics, Witt presents to the public and his peers Null Theory, and its groundbreaking application to our understanding of the universe.

Terence Witt studied physics at Oregon State University, but soon became disenchanted with the emptiness of its standard models and switched his major to electrical engineering. Witt graduated with a BSEE in 1984. At that same time, Harris Semiconductor Corporation, a subcontractor used by aerospace giants such as Rockwell and NASA, was starting a new submicron device program. Based on Wittís status as a top engineering student, Harris hired Witt and appointed him to his position as a Senior Semiconductor Engineer. During his tenure at Harris, Witt won an engineering award and patent for his work in electron beam lithography. However, a friendís illness soon shifted his focus to medical technology.

In 1990, Witt founded Witt Biomedical Corporation with a goal of making it easier for medical professionals to provide care for cardiac patients. Starting with a minimal start-up capital and no investors, Witt guided his company to $50 million in sales by 2005. Witt sold his company to Philips Medical Systems in 2006. At the time of the transaction, Witt systems had been installed in the operating rooms of more than 1,000 hospitals in 40 countries worldwide.

Currently, Witt is a visiting scientist at the prestigious Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). FIT is known for their astrophysics program and was recently named a Best Southeastern College by the Princeton Review.

Witt's current research focuses on applying Null Physics to molecular dynamics for the advancement of biochemical and materials technologies. Witt authored Our Undiscovered Universe for the public. All proceeds from book sales go toward educational outreach, research grants, and promoting scientific exploration. Witt resides in Florida with his wife, Ginny. When not working in his laboratory, Terence Witt enjoys spending time playing tennis, boating, scuba diving, piloting planes or riding motocross bikes.

You can contact Terence Witt care of: ARIDIAN Victoria Lansdon Public Relations Director 877-274-3426 or vlansdon@aridian.org

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About the Author Terence Witt

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