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Black Hole

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Black Holes.

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Everything we’ve ever heard about black holes depicts voracious, destructive gravitational forces gulping up any stars and solar systems unlucky enough to cross their path. In fact, we’re told that the gravitational force in a black hole is so strong that nothing escapes its maw -not even light. As it turns out, this is not an accurate portrayal of a black hole’s true nature.

Null physics demonstrates that our universe is eternal; it had no beginning and it will never cease to exist. This in turn requires that matter and energy be renewable in order to maintain a vast cosmic equilibrium. If all of the matter and energy that was sucked into a black hole were irretrievably captured, our universe would eventually be depleted of its contents, leaving a desolate expanse of massive black holes. Clearly, the contemporary interpretation of a black hole is directly at odds with an eternal universe. So the question arises “How can the material contents of our universe remain in a state of eternal balance given the nature of black holes?”

The answer is simple - a black hole’s event horizon is a mathematical concept, not a physical reality. As shown by the elementary particle geometry presented in null physics, gravitational potential reduces the density of the material of which a black hole is composed. This reduction prevents this material from achieving a density sufficient to create an event horizon. The surfaces of black holes have extraordinary gravitational potentials, reaching values of -0.999 or higher, but they cannot reach the potential necessary for an event horizon to exist, which is -1. The greater a black hole’s mass, the closer its surface potential gets to -1, but it will always fall short.

In the absence of an event horizon, the material capture of a black hole is a reversible process. For every particle falling into the deep, dark gravity of a black hole, another particle escapes. This is the secret to universal equilibrium.


Black Hole Theory