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Null Cosmology as in Our Undiscovered Universe

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Physical Null Cosmology.

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Compared to the Big Bang theory, Null cosmology logically and mathematically corresponds with observation. Where the Big Bang is an ad hoc theory supported by hypothetical, ad hoc premises such as inflation, dark matter, and dark energy, Null cosmology presents an eternal, quiescent universe theory that is 100% falsifiable because it isnít contingent on phantasmagorical entities. Powered by the Cosmic Fusion Cycle, the universe as seen through Null cosmology maintains a perfect state of balance by continuously burning hydrogen in galactic disks and producing hydrogen from galactic black holes.

No beginning

  • No missing causation
  • No violation of the Conservation of Energy or other known laws
  • No asymmetry between matter and antimatter

No ending

  • No universal expansion
  • No temporality - the universe wonít collapse or grow old and die as the Big Bang predicts

Null physics explains why the universe exists and how the universe exists.

The investigation of the universe in its entirety has always been hampered by a desperate lack of certainty. Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics presents both a complete answer to the riddle of our existence and a quantitative theory of universal properties using Null Cosmology. This book answers the question of why the universe exists fully and finally, using nothing except logic and reasoned extension of known physics. Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics leads to testable conclusions and surprising results, precisely the way real science is supposed to work.


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