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Intergalactic Redshift explained by Null Cosmology

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Contrary to what the Big Bang purports, intergalactic redshift is not caused by the expansion of the universe; it is caused by the photons gradual loss of energy over immense distances. This is why the effect is linear with distance. The farther the source, the more energy is lost, and the greater the redshift. This is also why the structure of the universe looks so uniform; the only real motions in the heavens are the peculiar motions generated by differences in mass distribution. These tend to be no more than a few hundred km/s, not the significant fractions of c required by universal expansion.

The universe doesn’t expand, it doesn’t contract, and it won’t grow old and die. If light demonstrates a spectral change after crossing billions of light years of deep space, this is the full extent of the phenomenon. So why does light lose energy when traveling across broad gulfs of space? This phenomenon has some truly curious characteristics:

  • It is proportional to distance for cosmically short distances. If light travels twice as far, it loses twice the energy.
  • It is proportional to photon energy. Visible light and radio waves from the same source lose the same fraction of their energy.
  • It has no directional scattering. Light reaching us from distant galaxies preserves exquisite details of their disks’ structure. This means that it is not caused by collisions with neutrinos or gravitons.
  • It has no refractive scattering. The red component of a transient pulse arrives at the same time as its blue component. This means that intergalactic redshift is not caused by any interaction with matter.

The Big Bang’s interpretation of redshift is accurate only if assumptions are made that the universe had an origin and is expanding, neither of which are supported by known physical laws.

Intergalactic redshift is not caused by the expansion of the universe; it is caused by the expansion of photons. The question remains, “What causes these photons to expand?” For the answer, you need to read Our Undiscovered Universe.

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