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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 by Aridian PR

Terence Witt continues his podcast lecture series by discussing relativity and quantum mechanics .

Every month author Terence Witt discusses a different physics topic. In August, Witt discussed cosmology . This included the application of his Null Physics theory . In September, the discussion turned to one of the most fascinating topics of physics: black holes . The author discussed their nature and composition.

This month, a new podcast premieres on . The subject matter includes a discussion about Einstein’s special and general relativity. Witt answers questions such as what is the difference between special and general relativity as well as what aspects of general relativity are germane to the development of Null Physics.

The second topic is quantum mechanics. Witt details quantum mechanics and describes how his description of quantum phenomena differs from contemporary physics.

“I enjoy the podcast lecture series because they enable me to discuss topics I find fascinating and they give me a chance to respond to many readers’ questions,” said Witt.

The podcast premiered October 3 at . It is also available for download at

About Terence Witt
Terence Witt is the founder and former CEO of Witt Biomedical Corporation. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University and lives in Florida. Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics is his first book. To read more about Terence Witt and his latest breakthroughs go to .

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OUU Podcast #3: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 by Aridian PR
Our Undiscovered Universe Podcasts


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OUU Podcast #3: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Welcome to the third in a series of podcasts that explore Null Physics as presented in the book, Our Undiscovered Universe, written by Scientist and Engineer, Terence Witt.

The topics of discussion today include the overview of Einstein’s general relativity and its relation to quantum mechanics and Null theory.

Also in Episode 3:

  • What type of research activities can be performed to support Null physics assertion that photons, particles and space are real?
  • Why does OUU refer to quantum reality as “a form of mysticism?”
  • How does the OUU description of quantum phenomena differ from that of contemporary physics?
  • What type of research activities can be performed to support Null physics assertion that photons, particles and space are real?
  • Also available on iTunes! Search “Null Physics” and Subscribe Now!

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